Race Physiology

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Human Physiology

Most humans will reach full maturity by age 20, and will start visually aging after age 30.

Kitsune Physiology

Kitsune will reach full maturity both physically and mentally at the same rate as humans do, but will not visually age afterwords.

Elven Physiology

There are several key factors which make elves very different from humans. While all elves grow into children at the same rate as humans, it takes substantially longer for their body to advance from childhood into adulthood. Elves will visually develop in the same way humans do (age 12 to 20) over the course of 78 years (age 12 to 90). This means they will look like a full adult by age 90 but would still look like a child at age 45. They are not sexually fertile until they are at least 75 years old. Their brain develops at the same rate as humans however, making them mentally mature by age 25 (their libido is delayed until around age 80 however).

Once elves reach their fully matured physical state, they will retain their youth and beauty their entire life. This essentially means they will look like a human does at age 20 forever. In the last 20 to 80 years (dependent on race) of their life they will start to sleep progressively longer until they eventually never wake up again, this is considered a standard elven death of old age.

Elves do not retain excess body fat, preventing them from gaining additional weight beyond their natural equilibrium. They do suffer from malnutrition far more then a human does, and can die of starvation far more quickly. Elven males will not start getting facial hair until they are at least 80 years old.

All elves have very low fertility, it usually takes them decades in order to successfully become pregnant. For this reason their prolonged lifespans are canceled out by low fertility resulting in stable population growth. Losses in population are far more devastating than in human civilizations.

  • Aesiri will start sleeping progressively longer in the last 80 years of their life.
  • Sylfae will start sleeping progressively longer in the last 40 years of their life.
  • Yu'Lorei will start sleeping progressively longer in the last 20 years of their life.

Dwarven Physiology

Dwarves will mature into adults over a period of 40 years, this means at age 40 they will look like a full adult. They are mentally and sexually mature by age 35. They will retain a youthful appearance until age 80, where they will start to visually age gradually until their maximum age has been reached. They will experience the same kind of physical degradation as humans when they reach an advanced age.

Centaur Physiology

  • Centaurs will mature and age at the same speed humans do both physically and mentally.

Vampiric Physiology

All vampires will reach full maturity at the same rate as their non-vampiric lineage.

  • Minor vampires will age over the course of their entire life, if they are mostly elven they will barely age visually.
  • Noble vampires will keep their youthful looks until the second half of their life, at which point they will start aging until their maximum lifespan has been reached.
  • Once pureblood vampires reach full maturity they will never lose their youth and beauty, and will never physically degrade. It's also impossible for purebloods to gain fat, and they also cannot gain any muscle mass beyond a natural equilibrium (they could shape-shift to imitate any of these features however).

Aetherial Physiology

  • Fairies have full control over their appearance from the moment they are born, and do not age in any sense. They usually choose a fully mature appearance but some may choose to look like a child (or anything really).
  • Dryads will visually age in proportion to their tree's age. If their tree is near the end of it's life they will definitely take on an aged appearance. They will look like a child while their tree is just a sapling, but will never look younger then this.