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The Land of Aloris

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Welcome to Amestria: New Genesis!

Welcome to the Amestria: New Genesis Wiki! Amestria is a Minecraft based roleplaying and worldbuilding server dedicated to giving you a truly unique experience. From a player driven storyline to staff guided world progression, we have everything you need to take your character's story to the next level. The inhabitants of the Amestria: New Genesis Minecraft server are survivors who have found themselves on the omega world-line, an alternate timeline that is stuck in a repeating paradox of world cataclysms with no chances of escape. Do you have what it takes to postpone the next cataclysm, or will you be forced to leave your new home once more? All this and more is possible on Amestria! How will you define your story?

Lore of Amestria: New Genesis
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