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The Island of Ae'Tezan is a tropical paradise inhabited by the native Yu'Lorei elves. The island consists of pristine sandy beaches, and large mountains covered by thick jungle. Much of the coastal area has been developed by the elves, as space is limited in other regions of the island.

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Politics and Demographics

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Ae'Tezan Demographics
Yu'Lorei 95%

The Yu'Lorei are native to the island and have lived in the region for millennia. The population remains relatively small compared to other races, but remains the dominant people of the island.

Dwarf 4%

Many dwarves reside on the island, either as a military assignment, to trade with the native lori, or as part of an extended vacation. There is a sizable dwarven army garrisoned on the island to protect it from foreign threats. The dwarven population has been slowly increasing over the past century.

Other 1%

There are occasional visitors from other parts of Amestria which have decided to make the island their permanent home. The Kingdom of Thandolin has made it difficult for other races to immigrate to the island, mostly to protect their trade secrets and prevent instability within Yu'Lorei society.

Notable Locations



O'ena Oshu

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