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Pronunciation Dwoh-erf
Archetype Dwarven
Nicknames Keggers, Rum Junkers, Mountain Men, Earth Born
Languages Common, Dwarven
Vampiric Conversion Not Possible
Aetherial Affinity Class C - Difficulty Casting Magic
Roleplay Difficulty Easy
Racial Traits
Aetheriality Physical
Max Age 200 Years
Strengths Durable, Strong
Weaknesses Greedy, Confrontational
Height 4' to 4'6"
Weight 160 to 280 lbs
Eye Colors Brown, Hazel, Green, Silver, Amber
Hair Colors Black, Brown, Blond, Gray, Red
Skin Tones Ranging from Pale to Brown
Average Physique Muscular to Colossal
Aetherial Limit Power III - Control III
Significant Demographics

While this doesn't mean your character has to come from one of these places, it's recommended they do.

From the rugged peaks of Auchinben to your local tavern, dwarves can be found everywhere. This is in part due to the Kingdom of Thandolin's vast trade empire, which covers most of the known world. Dwarves are best known for their blunt and occasionally humorous personalities, along with their iron resolve to continue doing something until it gets done. They make fearsome warriors, having defended their settlements in Auchinben from titanic threats as well as from bloodthirsty pirates on the high seas. Their knowledge of metallurgy is absolute, surpassing every other race. They hold tight to their trade secrets, preventing anyone else from getting an upper edge on their business. Will the mountain halls of Thandolin continue to be an economic stronghold, or will insatiable greed ultimately result in their downfall? Only time will tell.

Physical Characteristics

Dwarves are best described as stout, sturdy individuals that are only around 4' to 4'6" tall. They can live up to 200 years. They are very thick, muscular, and tough, making them ideal for hard physical labor. Their noses are large, round, and stubby, however some dwarves do have pointier noses. They have really thick skulls, and headbutting opponents to disorient them or knock them out is a viable strategy.

Mental Characteristics

Dwarves are inherently stubborn and defensive. They hold grudges against others for seemingly ridiculous reasons and can have rivalries that last a long time. They are also practical and very frank, saying things exactly how they are. Despite these negative qualities, you will not find anyone more loyal, honorable, steadfast, or humorous then a dwarf. They favor routine, and have trouble accepting new ideas which contest their current views. They are capable of giving rise to innovations and breakthroughs that are only possible through their stubborn dedication to their work.


The Kingdom of Thandolin was the first dwarven kingdom to be discovered, and to this day remains the only known dwarven kingdom among the denizens of the Exodius Continent. The dwarves of the aforementioned kingdom claim that their nation was founded in the year 567 AE at the hands of a dwarven expedition sent east, and to this day remains the only dwarven civilization to exist on an island. The Island of Khaz'Merith is home to a mountain of tremendous mineral wealth, assumed to have been formed by an ancient volcano many millennia ago. The dwarven island nation exported their great mineral wealth across the seas, and exchanged it for other commodities that they needed. They dwarves encountered the Island of Ae'Tezan along with it's Yu'Lorei inhabitants in the year 1527 AE. The dwarves took a liking to the elves, eventually resulting in the Island of Ae'Tezan becoming a protectorate of the Kingdom of Thandolin in the year 1723 AE.

In more recent years, interest in the origins of the dwarven race has increased greatly. This is attributed to the increase in dwarven demographics among human civilizations over the last few centuries. Many aspects of their history have been revealed as a result, however their ancient origins are up for debate. The Auchinben Continent is the cradle of the dwarven race, located to the west of the Exodius Continent. Not much is known about this continent, however the dwarves proved helpful in detailing some aspects of their ancestral homeland. They emphasize the existence of mythical beasts known as dragons, described as giant lizards with four legs and giant wings which roam the craggy peaks of the countless mountain ranges present on the continent. There are also mentions of evil fairies who do not hesitate to slay dwarves that happen to encounter them. There are also reported to be three dwarven kingdoms which exist on the Auchinben Continent, possibly even more. The continent is a great distance across the sea and proved to be unprofitable for human nations to consider investigating possible trade agreements.

The dwarves attribute their race's origin to be from the ground itself, and that the mighty titan Khronor is responsible for their making. They claim that Khronor would submerge his hand into the dirt and grasp the dirt with his extraordinary strength. The titan would then thrust his hand out of the ground and place a newly formed dwarf on the surface. This tale of dwarven creation is considered to be nothing more then folklore in the eyes of scholars, but the dwarves believe this story with all their heart. The dwarves detail the early days of their race as a great struggle against the harsh winter environment, and constant attacks from dragons and other titanic beasts that roam the continent. The dwarves were drawn back to the earth that made them, and so they made their homes within caverns and caves. The interiors of mountains were excavated and turned into great halls. The dwarves used the excavated stone to construct massive titanic walls around their kingdoms to keep the beasts at bay. Dragons are to this day a problem in dwarven cultures, however the Kingdom of Thandolin is exempt from this as dragons are claimed to only be found on the Auchinben Continent.

The Kingdom of Thandolin continues to grow in prosperity and relevance in the world stage. They have managed to withhold their metallurgic secrets from human nations, giving themselves an advantage over humanity. The dwarves have grown increasingly industrious as of late, in part due to the mechanical innovations of their Yu'Lorei allies and also due to the invention and active development of Steam Power.


Throughout the halls of the mountain of Khaz'Merith, the rhythm of hammer strikes and the sizzling of molten metal can be heard. Dwarves are passionate laborers and take their chosen professions seriously. They lack in ingenuity, but compensate in the form of repetition. If something doesn't work the first time, they try again until they get the result they want. The stubborn nature of dwarves has been the source of many pointless pursuits, but also many triumphs. Dwarves like to keep things practical, their work, their lives, and even their homes. While work is the keystone of dwarven society, leisure is almost as important. Dwarves love hearty feasts and big celebrations where alcohol is involved. Their love of alcohol is so prevalent that they are intoxicated most of the time and have been nicknamed 'keggers' and 'rum junkers' by some people. Sports are also common within dwarven society, with activities such as axe throwing, archery, and brawling. Dwarven societies are always ruled by a monarchy, and citizens are almost always completely loyal to their king. Dwarves always keep their promises, even if it destroys their livelihood. Dwarven nobility does exist, with some individuals owning entire guilds or workshops. The dwarven aristocracy is very involved in the economy, possessing no fiefs, instead possessing trade routes.


Humanity only has contact with one dwarven nation, the Kingdom of Thandolin. As such, everything scholars know about dwarven politics comes from the island dwarves in question. The dwarves of Thandolin are well known for being accomplished merchants and craftsmen, and human nations conduct trade deals with them daily. The Kingdom of Thandolin has become more relevant to human politics in recent years do to their rising wealth and economic power. What once started as humble dwarven merchants sailing from one human settlement to another has transformed into a massive trade empire. The dwarves even have connections to the Empire of Equestris, on the distant eastern shores of the Exodius Continent. The dwarves are quick to seize any new technologies they come across, which has lead human nations to keep their military innovations secret for fear of the dwarves discovering them. Overall the dwarves have managed to avoid participating in any conflicts so that they may continue to reap the rewards of their lucrative trade routes. In some cases they have been caught selling weapons to both sides of a human war. The aesiri have taken a disliking to dwarves, and have rejected all attempts for the dwarves to establish trade routes in their nation.


Dwarven culture is relatively simple compared to most races. Dwarves are partial to music and have a good number of bards which specialize in crafting melodies for feasts and social gatherings. Sports are also present, however they are not emphasized like they are in Yu'Lorei culture. Hunting is more of a leisure activity then a necessity, with many using it as a way to improve relations with their fellow dwarves. Drinking alcohol is the primary incentive of attending any social gathering, and drinking games are almost always going on during these events. Social gatherings may have other activities which resemble a carnival, little stalls where dwarves can try their luck in a variety of skill based games, usually while drunk.


The aetherial arts has never been a strong suit for dwarves, who would rather fight using traditional weaponry. The dwarves are lacking in aetherial talent, and have a hard time learning most branches of magic. Nonetheless, there are dwarven mages, but they play a minimal role in their society. The few dwarves who have become mages practice their craft on a limited basis, as it is considered a hobby rather then an occupation in dwarven society. Dwarves don't usually manage to reach their maximum aetherial potential due to the limited amount of time they can spend on the art while working their regular jobs. Dwarves first discovered magic when they encountered humanity, and some dwarves were impressed enough by witnessing magic to attend human magic academies. The aesiri refuse to have anything to do with dwarves, including letting them attend their prestigious academies. Once the first dwarven mages had been trained, they ventured back to their home of Khaz'Merith and started teaching other aspiring dwarven mages. There continue to only be a limited number of mages in dwarven society, and it is unlikely that magic will ever become more prevalent.


Some dwarves revere the titan known as Kronor, whom they attribute their creation to. Kronor is believed to have originated from Auchinben, where many such titanic beings exist. While the vast majority of said titanic beings are malevolent by nature, Kronor is believed to be a magnanimous being who favors honesty and hard work. There are yearly celebrations in honor of Kronor, which mainly involve excessive drinking and feasting.


The Kingdom of Thandolin was always known as merchants and artisans, not warriors. For most of the time between their nation's founding and the 1720's, they only held a small navy and a modest army. After the Island of Ae'Tezan became their protectorate and the economic influence of the dwarven kingdom expanded, the need for a more powerful military arose. The dwarves have since garrisoned a sizable army on Ae'Tezan along with a small navy. The dwarven navy based at the Island of Khaz'Merith is massive, and there is a large army of garrisoned troops stationed within the kingdom. The navy is frequently away from the island, taking care of pirates which threaten the security of their trade routes.

Military (1850 AE)

The dwarves are some of the most heavily armed people in all of Amestria. Firearms are unrestricted in Khaz'Merith, and the general populace there are armed with weaponry that would be the envy of any human nation. Due to guns being considered the heritage of the dwarves, the dwarven people of Khaz'Merith take great pride in their legacy. While modern firearms are very expensive when sold overseas to human nations, the dwarven public on Khaz'Merith have affordable and abundant access to the most advanced designs due to the abundance of gunsmiths on the island. Black powder muskets and blunderbusses went out of style years ago, and have given way to state of the art brass cartridge ammunition, six shot revolvers and rifles.

The dwarven military is mostly navy based, as their interests are focused on Amestria's oceans. The dwarven navy is mostly comprised of massive steam powered battleships, armed with artillery cannons capable of quickly sinking any kind of vessel. The crews for these vessels are large, and use a significant portion of the dwarven forces to operate them. On land, the dwarves have adopted a quality over quantity strategy. Dwarven foot-soldiers are armed with large caliber rifles, while a smaller portion of the ground military consists of horse drawn artillery cannons and gatling guns.


The Kingdom of Thandolin started from humble beginnings as merchants who sailed between human settlements selling exotic wares. They have since transformed their business into a vast trade empire spanning much of the known world. They have trade routes to almost every known nation, and possess a considerable sum of wealth and economic influence. The dwarves themselves specialize in crafting metallic alloys of superior quality and making tools and weapons from them, but they may also craft domestic commodities as well. They also have access to all the advanced and culturally accented goods produced on the Island of Ae'Tezan, which remains one of their most valuable economic assets. The dwarves sell all the goods and commodities within their inventory to other nations in order to make a respectable profit. Human nations started trying to compete for economic supremacy around 1750 AE, but simply can't compete with the substantial trade infrastructure already in place by the dwarves. The Senkyou Feudal Clans have been influenced by dwarven trade routes, gaining access to technologies which they had never developed themselves and ultimately causing influxes in power between the feudal clans.


Dwarves aren't known for being very prolific inventors, but have had a few great technological triumphs over the last few centuries. They invented cannons and gunpowder, a weapon which has changed the face of naval warfare forever. Even in present times, dwarves continue to lead in the development of cannons, utilizing larger and more devastating designs then any human nation. Dwarven ships tend to be more heavily reinforced in order to transport large payloads of cargo, but the tradition is has been expanded to heavily reinforced combat vessels as well. The dwarves have always possessed superior knowledge on metallurgy and metalworking, which they have withheld from human nations in order to hold an advantage over them in combat strength. This tradition of refusing to share trade secrets has extended to the newly discovered concept of Steam Power, which has been developed in collaboration with the Yu'Lorei away from prying human eyes. Humanity has been forced to investigate steam technology independently with little to no success.


Assorted Info

  • Dwarven cannons greatly 'dwarf' the size of any human cannon made in comparison.

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