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There are a rich variety of races in the world of Amestria. What sets races apart from other creatures is their self awareness and the ability to think and reason. Typically most races are playable, but some may have additional requirements such as a higher level of permission clearance in order to keep roleplay balanced and enjoyable for everyone.


Human Once hosts to the greatest empire to ever exist, humanity has since been relegated to fighting amongst themselves in a never ending struggle for power and prosperity. Known for their great diversity in culture and appearance, humans can adapt to any situation. Even after the fall of their great empire of Exodia, they still entertain highly progressive societies full of order and valor. Magic is an essential component of their society, and reliance on it has ensured their survival in ages past. Humanity had once built machines powered by magic during the Exodian era, however it is now considered forbidden to do so and any attempts will result in death. Weary of remembering the past, humanity instead looks toward the future with their own vision of an ideal world.
Once like gods, now nothing more then peasants.


Kitsune Created by unnatural means, kitsune now live in servitude to a culture they once ruled. Hailing from the land of Senkyou, the kitsune are a race of humans who possess fox ears, slitted eyes, and several large tails. Some even have whiskers just like a fox! They are very human in behavior most of the time, but every once in a while their primal desires emerge and they more closely resemble the spirit beasts their aetherial soul originates from. They once ruled over villages which would wage war against each other in battles that defied the imagination. Their conflicts over the centuries have reduced their numbers, and now they lie on the verge of fading into legend. The humans who once served under them now rule over them with an iron fist. Some kitsune have left the land of Senkyou in search of a better life, forever leaving their homeland and history behind them.
A past of great conflict, a future of endless servitude.

Fenekku A race of kitsune-like desert nomads, the fenekku are known for wandering the endless dunes of the Tierran Desert. Considered by many to be a small and adorable race, they are usually seen coming into towns to buy supplies, only to return to the desert shortly after. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is their fascination with machina. They search and dig in the desert, attempting to unearth any remnants of the machina city Jeth they can find. No one truly knows why they are so fascinated with machina, only that they are largely a mystery to outsiders.
They roam the desert, searching for memories of the past.

Demi-Human A rare sight amongst
They are the unwanted rejects of exodian society.


Aesiri The Aesiri are a well educated people, devoting most of their time to zealous study of academia and magic. Their incredibly long lifespans allow them to become walking lexicons, unsurprisingly they are often called lexi-elves. They are known for hosting and attending prestigious magic academies, where they learn the aetherial arts for many decades. Magic is so important in their society that they often become masters of a branch of magic from an early age. They tend to look down on the other races, considering them to be inferior and illogical. Most of the time you will not see their pessimism, as they like to maintain a positive public image. The Aesiri's natural sensitivity to the aetherial field allows them to cast very intricate spells, however this comes at the cost of not being able to draw as much aetherial energy.
Robed elves silently read their books, unaware of the changing seasons.

Sylfae Kinfolk of nature, the sylfae live in the wild among the great beasts and animals within their forest home as the Fae'Naru. However this is not the fate that all sylfae share, some live among humanity and have become cultural icons due to their rare and novel status. The sylfae are kind, caring, and non-aggressive, and have received the respect and adoration of humanity as a result. Their love of nature is universal, a gift that was the result of a pact with Celestia. It remains to be seen whether the sylfae will ever truly create a civilized society of their own, or remain caregivers to the societies that had once destroyed their ancient homeland in the distant past.
The forests of yore call to them, forever connected by spirit.

Yu'Lorei The Yu'Lorei are a spirited race of elves originating from the tropical island of Ae'Tezan. They are a highly cultured and intelligent race, famous for the invention of clocks and many other intricately crafted goods. Yu'Lorei have an empathetic and sensual atmosphere about them, forming powerful and meaningful bonds with others. The streets of their island cities are filled with displays of color and the air of celebration, for no other race loves celebration more then the Yu'Lorei. Their love for the arts has resulted in countless vibrant displays of creative genius, and even the buildings themselves are immaculately decorated on the Island of Ae'Tezan. It may seem like all is well in Yu'Lorei culture, but their ever present ancient prophecy of doom dominates the furthest recesses of their mind.
They sit upon the shore and gaze into the sunset, unaware of the world's problems.


Dwarf From the deepest mountains in Auchinben to the island of Khaz'Merith, and even in your local tavern, dwarves can be found everywhere. No other race appreciates the taste of fine ale and a hearty meal more then a dwarf. When these people set their mind to something, no one can can change their course. They are stubborn and blunt, but make frank and loyal companions. Their knowledge of metallurgy is unchallenged, and the might of their trade ships ensures the constant exchange of goods among human civilizations.
The king of the mountain calls upon his servants to bring him more jewels.

Centaur A nomadic race of half horse men, centaurs are excellent trackers, trailblazers, adventurers, and beast slayers. While rustic in appearance, they are actually very friendly and often look to other cultures for supplies during their long travels. The nomadic centaur tribes that roam the Arcadian Wilderness and Cascadian Mountains have existed for millennia, and have accumulated a knowledge of the land that few will ever hope to posses themselves. Those who do not embrace this primitive lifestyle head to civilization, where they experience the wealth and comfort that comes with constantly exploring new avenues of employment and adventure.
Always on the move and never settling, that is their way of life.


Fairy (Trusted Only) Fairies are benevolent and full of empathy, desiring only happiness among those who interact with them. Described by many as living spells, fairies are the ultimate product of magic. They reside among the land and their personality reflects their environment, but with an innate desire to interact with people they are destined to seek out others. There are many tales of people who venture into forests, deserts, or strange lands, only to encounter these empathetic souls who guide the way and ensure that they don't get lost. Some fairies live in civilization, and can take up care taking jobs in the ultimate pursuit of helping others. While rare and elusive, fairies continue to cross paths with many Amestrians.
They are of the land, while at the same time are not.

Dryad Dryads are humanoid shaped aetherial tree spirits that are permanently connected to the tree that spawned them. Their appearance is usually determined by their home tree, but they aren't limited in how far they can wander from their said tree. Many dryads live alongside the Fae'Naru or even wander into civilization. Some of these beings have become wise elders or even prophets among unaligned human villages and settlements. They have an eternal bond to nature, and can feel the forest as if it were a sixth sense.
Born from nature, they answer it's every call.


For general information visit the page vampire.

Pureblood Vampire (Story Progression Only) The progenitors of the vampire race, pureblood vampires reside atop the pinnacle of vampiric society. Often secluded in discreet mansions located far from civilization, these vampires prefer privacy. They keep all of vampiric society in line with their god-like powers, being treated as living idols. Most pureblood families only interbreed with other pureblood lineages, or even those of their own lineage. Pureblood vampires are so rare that they must take extreme measures to avoid going extinct. In fact there are only five known lineages and a handful of individuals in total remaining. Will the progenitors of the vampiric race be present among future generations, or will they inevitably fade into legend along with the rest of their ancestors?
They sit within their mansions, brooding over the past.

Noble Vampire (Trusted Only) Full of pomp and decorum, noble vampires seek to keep their bloodline undiluted and their reputation flawless. Often seen as the aristocratic elite among vampiric society, noble vampires are indeed often responsible for keeping the structure of vampiric society intact. They attend prestigious events with other noble vampires, where they will socialize and form or break political ties. High levels of cultural etiquette are a must for noble vampires, as it is one of the only things separating them from the plebeians below them. Most noble lineages only allow for arranged marriages, to avoid possible dilution of their lineage and maintain their noble status. Since political clout is an important part of noble lineages, noble vampires will always make decisions based on their reputation before anything else. With their grip over vampiric society firm and their leadership astute, noble vampires are likely to remain the pseudo rulers of their society and perhaps even replace pureblood rule in the distant future.
With pride and elegance, they raise their glass for a toast.

Minor Vampire (Need Approved Application) Vampires live among humanity without their knowing, and rely upon humanity's blood to maintain their own existence. The constant threat of discovery and possible execution is ever present within the mind of a minor vampire, who risks their own life just to stay alive. They can be found anywhere among human civilization, often hiding in the recesses of the sewers or within dark and abandoned buildings. Some have chosen a normal life, and live among humanity as if one of them, until they are inevitably discovered by the vigilant vampire hunters who work restlessly to eradicate the vampire threat. Another threat for the lone wolf or isolated families are noble vampires, who constantly hunt down any unaligned vampires and force them to swear fealty or face execution. A black market web exists in most societies that allows vampires access to blood without stalking humans or elves themselves, however there is a price. Without the guidance and political power of the noble elite among vampiric society, minor vampires might very well have no protection against the growing threat of vampire hunters.
They live among us, unseen and unwelcome.

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